Dr. Clara Lucia Aldana Dominguez

I am a mathematician working in Germany as an independent researcher. At the moment, I am looking for jobs.

I am a mathematician with a doctorate in pure mathematics from the University of Bonn. I have worked as a researcher and university assistant professor for several years.

Currently, I am seeking job opportunities in both industry and academia. I have a keen interest in Physics, Astronomy, Climate Sciences, and advancements in Technology. I am interested in analytical methods applied to sciences and the industry. I have some knowledge in Mathematical Physics, in particular in Gauge Theory and General Relativity. I am actively acquiring new skills to apply my expertise to these fields.

My research in mathematics focused on Geometric Analysis, which lies at the intersection of Analysis and Geometry. I specialized in the spectral theory of differential and pseudodifferential operators on manifolds with singularities, hyperbolic geometry, spectral invariants, microlocal analysis, conformal geometry, inverse spectral problems, and scattering theory.

I am a native Spanish speaker with a good command of English and an intermediate level of German. I also have basic knowledge of French and Portuguese.

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  • clara.aldana@ posteo.net
  • clara.aldana@ gmail.com

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My husband Georg Biedermann is also a mathematician.